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Buy or Rent Spy Products and get the proof !. Our Spy Surveillance Products include spygear such as; Spy Camera, Hidden Cameras, GPS Vehicle Trackers, Audio Digital Recorders, Voice changer, Bug Detector, TSCM Bug Sweep, Home  CCTV Surveillance Camera, Nanny Cam, Telephone wiretap detection, computer spy software, sim card reader, voice scrambler, GPS jammer, pinhole cameras, micro DVR, wireless spy camera, cellphone spy phone software, GSM Alarms, bullet proof vest, JM 20, CPM 700, Oscor blue, DD2020 RF bug detector, spy glasses, spy pen, self defense products, stun gun and many more Spy Surveillance Products at our Miami Spy Shops.


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Technical Surveillance Countermeasures services are also available in efforts to to discreetly conduct a bugsweep of a home or vehicle and detect possible eavesdropping and or electronic bugs within the area.